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Sharone Houri

Clean Skincare Blog

The truth is, since I was a little girl, I was embarrassed by my Eczema which had spread through both of my arms, stomach, and lower abdominal area. I couldn't go to the beach, tan near my friends or wear short-sleeve shirts. 


I couldn't complain--My sister had it worse than me. She was suffering from Psoriasis, which had spread to her arms, armpits, and all over her scalp. It had not only physical drawbacks but it interfered with her social life and her self-esteem. 


Of course, when you have a skin condition, the automatic response is to seek a specialized skin doctor or dermatologist. Both my sister and I received topical steroid creams that would help with the symptoms such as itchiness and redness, but the medical solution never targeted the actual condition, only its effects. 


After a while, creams didn't really help anymore and it only became worse. I then heard of a scrub that was sold online, specialized for individuals suffering from eczema and psoriasis. I tried it for a few months but saw no drastic improvements.


After a long while of frustration and disappointment that nothing was working, I decided to experiment on my own. I tried different moisturizers promising anti-inflammatory effects, and others vouching to cure Eczema. 


They were all empty promises. 


A year ago, I naturally started becoming more interested in earth's remedies, learning more about essential oils and clean skincare. I realized that the only person that can cure the patient is not the doctor, it is the patient himself. 


 I dived into the beautiful wonders of natural remedies, the powerful herbs the earth and God have given us, and I discovered that all diseases can be cured not solely through medicine but through the potential of simple living plants. 


Because of my devotion and dedication to the most important science in the world, I decided to share the knowledge so that together, we can build a better and healthier world made of the purest medicines to cure humanity.