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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

You'll be Surprised.

It's been about two years now that I've been writing for other clean skincare companies and getting more involved with understanding my skin. Given I've been dealing with Eczema since I was about nine years old, I realized that cortisone creams and other intervening medical methods didn't help.

In the very beginning, when I first regularly applied cortisone, I thought it was a miracle, given my skin looked way better. But later on, I realized that the medicated intervention was so strong that it was quite an addictive substance, and when my skin would have a flare out again, it would come back even worse than before.

This is when I started diving into skincare and cosmetics, specifically cleaner skincare where instead of dangerous chemicals, a blend of essential oils and vitamins are combined into special formulas.

I became obsessed with the skincare world and the universe that would solve the answers to all of my questions.

How do you really moisturize dry skin?

What are more holistic methods of treating Eczema, Psoriasis, and Rosacea?

What soaps should I be using in the shower for my sensitive skin?

All of the answers to these questions became more apparent the more I learned about natural moisturizing elements and anti-inflammatory essential oils.

I'm now proud to say that I've been making my own bar soaps and I'm slowly transitioning into other products like body butters, scrubs, and elixirs.

When shopping for your skincare needs, here's what you need to watch out for:

Carcinogenic or Dangerous Chemicals

Please stay away from this list of things when perusing the ingredients of anything from makeup removers to body creams. There are so many chemicals that are not necessary in the production of skin formulas and they're included just to save money and not to use quality ingredients.

Chemicals like SLS, BHA, parabens, and phthalates, as they can contain carcinogens, cause hormone disruption (like parabens that mimic estrogen) and can cause serious skin irritations.

Think about this for a second-- Our skin is the largest organ in the body. Everything it comes in contact with can directly affect your health. Glycols, for example, are also hazardous in that they can interfere with human development and cause serious allergic reactions.

Why do skincare companies do this? It's simple. They just don't really care about you.

Watch Out for Cheap Oils

Of course, since companies are always looking to maximize profit, they're also making the decisions on what goes in their products. The most affordable and rather less efficient oils never give the best results, so we want to make sure that we stay away from:

  • Sunflower oil

  • Sesame oil

  • Palm oil

Some great alternatives that are soothing and moisturizing include:

  • Jojoba oil

  • Argan oil

  • Borage oil

  • Grape seed oil

  • Carrot seed oil

  • Almond oil

  • Avocado oil

Fragrance vs. Essential Oils

Many companies, and by many I mean most, will use fragrance to make the product simply smell good. I'll be honest, sometimes I die a mini death every time I put a product back when it smells heavenly but just isn't right for my skin.

It's super hard sometimes to put that vanilla moisturizer back or that flawless skincare toner that smells of rose petals, but I force myself because I know I can probably replicate the same one at home.

For those of you who don't foster the whole DIY thing, I would suggest buying pure moisturizers with no fragrance and adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils when using them. This will ensure it smells good and that it's good for you.

Otherwise, feel free to go on my Etsy shop and customize your own products with me.

Rough Doesn't Always Mean Bad

I remember when I first bought Dr. Bronner's Castile Shampoo, I was shocked by how dry and brittle my hair felt in the shower. I vowed never to use this 'disgrace' again. But after much research, I realized that the dry feeling I was experiencing in my hair was actually a good thing as the chemicals used to essentially 'moisturize' the hair was actually doing more damage.

Our hair is not supposed to feel all soft and yummy, it's actually supposed to feel the opposite and eventually it learns to smoothen and thicken on its own (through natural processes).

I can relate this to skincare products, too. As clean brands don't use harsh chemicals, it can sometimes make soap bars trigger this rough skin feeling or texture in the shower. This is not a bad thing, and it can mean that your body will be even more attuned to your clean moisturizer after the shower.

So if you purchase a soap that's pure and consistent of only essential oils and clean ingredients, you may find that it feels a little rougher on the skin, but it is actually a natural and standard part of a good skincare regimen.

I hope this information was helpful!

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