How Eating Dates Can Transform Your Labor & Delivery (Seriously)

So I have been quite obsessed with Dr. Michael Greger and his health podcast.

There is so much conflicting information out there, that he decided to take that information and verify it. He takes contradicting information, breaks it down, and talks about multiple studies that either disprove or prove its effects.

If you haven't heard of Dr. Greger, he is the author of "How Not to Die", a famous health and wellness book that covers everything you need to know about preventing common diseases like heart disease and various cancers.

In discovering his channel, I've learned amazing things that I absolutely had to share, one of them being the effects of dates on labor and delivery. I am currently on my 7th month of pregnancy and my crazy self and I have been spending hours on the internet doing research on things like how to ease labor and all of that good stuff.

So, I stumbled across a mind-blowing video about the effects of eating dates a month before delivery on cervical ripening. Dr. Gregers explains that multiple randomized studies have confirmed that eating an average of 6 dates a day have been proven effective in ripening the cervix and reducing the need to be induced.

Studies have found that dates can help foster a normal spontaneous delivery and significantly helped with better cervical dilation. The duration of labor was also SEVEN hours shorter for those women who ate 6 dates a day during their last month of pregnancy!

Another study even tested dates vs. oxytocin which essentially aim toward the same goal, and found that dates helped even MORE than the drug. This amazing video made me SO happy since it confirmed my long-held theory that everything can be handled and resolved through natural remedies and that there's no need to reach for the pills.

Pregnant ladies, go on a date with your dates and start eating them during your 9th month 😊