Homemade Bar Soap Scrub Bag for Lathering, Exfoliating and Drying the Soap Pouch


Gentle Exfoliating Dynamic - Crafted by high-quality natural plant fiber ramie, these soap- saver pouches are skin-friendly and safe. They offer mild exfoliation, which provides a great way to improve circulation! 


Lathering Foam with Ease - Just place your bar of soap in the pouch, pull the drawstring closed and then wet both the soap and pouch, they lather up effortlessly. This bag is helpful in maximizing the natural aromatic fragrance and lengthening the life of your soap.


Fits Most Soaps - These soap socks are around 5.5 x 3.5 inches in height and width, which is suitable for the most soap bars. The little soap bulks can be used up without any problems until the very end. Decreasing waste can reduce your cost and protect our beautiful Earth ❤️


Excellent Soap Function - The best place to store handmade soap is in the open air. Each mesh bag comes with a cotton lanyard and wooden bead so you could easily hang the soap and the pouch up to allow them to keep dry between each use.

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